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Examples of implementations

JSW KOKS S.A. – grupa JSW



The company employs over 2300 persons and is a part of JSW S.A. group which is one of the leading producers of coke in the EU.


The implementations of AxPeople in Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 version was conducted in four coking plants:

  • Dębieńsko
  • Jadwiga
  • Przyjaźń
  • Radlin


The aim of the project was automatization of processes calculating work time sheets and HR documents circulation. During the implementation we have provided our client with Employee Portal which allows work time sheets analysis and confirmation and acceptation of e-motions. At the moment the E-Motion circulation system is capable of handling about 20 different types of motions (overtime, absences, delegations, bonuses, business meetings etc.). The final effect are work cards automatically generated based on the motions and work time sheets register.


During the implementation a social fund has been created which currently services numerous transactions.


The system is also a register of work clothes. It manages the clothing based on the organizational structure and positions of the employees. Information regarding dispositions is automatically passed to the warehousing module and its state is modified to reflect the resource quotas.

Wniosek zlecenia nadgodzin w systemie AX People
Odzież ochronna

Danwood S. A.



Danwood with its production capability of over 1000 houses per year is the biggest manufacturer of ready houses in Poland. The company employs over 1100 people in Bielsk Podlaski, near Białystok and in their departments in Germany, Great Britain and Austria.



The implemented system was AxPeople 2012.


The aim of the implementation was to shorten the time needed to calculate salaries (mainly through work time sheets register) and import of salary data for employees outside of Poland.


Delivered functionalities:

  • general HR functionalities,
  • integration with external systems providing information about work time and salaries in foreign currencies,
  • integration of the external data with Work Card,
  • generation of payroll decree and its automatic transfer to bookkeeping module.




Apator is a dynamic capital group employing around 3000 people. The group consists of more than ten companies operating both in Poland and abroad. Apator is a pioneer in implementation of innovative tech solutions.


The implemented system was LN HR.

Delivered modules:

  • general HR functionalities,
  • salaries,
  • work sheets,
  • trainings,
  • bookkeeping,
  • attribution,
  • production register (with utilization of barcode scanners).


Furthermore during the implementation we created custom solutions to assure production quality and subsystem responsible for registering time and quality of work.


The solution Apator currently uses simplifies processing of work time data and information regarding stages of production process. The system relies on the fact of every employee caring unique identification badge with printed barcode. ID is connected to employee identifier in the ERP system. Badge is used to persist information about arriving to and leaving workplace and about particular production stages the employee was responsible for. Additionally the system allows automatic registration of beginning and ending of particular production stages by means of production orders printed with barcodes which hold detailed information about current task.

 Karta pracy

Rafako S. A.


Belonging to PBG froup RAFAKO is a manufacturer of energy cells and the biggest European manufacturer of cauldrons. The company offers a broad spectrum of specialized cauldrons to be utilized in virtually any industry as well as devices to help preserve the habitat like sulfur and nitrogen filters, electrofilters etc. RAFAKO currently employs around 2000 people.


The implemented system was LN HR.

Delivered modules:

  • general HR functionalities,
  • work time sheets,
  • access control,
  • gates, CCTV and windlasses intregrations,
  • Employee Portal.


The aim of Employee Portal was to provide employees with easy access to the most often requested data. It provides employees with information about holiday days quota, see the registered absences, check work time sheets etc. Furthermore within the Employee Portal managers can plan work of their subordinates (including planning work shifts), accepting employee motions, planning delegations and many more.


The systems ability to strictly control time spent working in shifts mode was the crucial element of the implementation as RAFAKO was in the process of introducing very strict regulations regarding work time. Within the Portal, after choosing „Edit the calendar” manager is provided with summary of work time of his subordinates for the current week (see attached picture).

Okno startowe portalu pracowniczego
Kalendarz pracownika

Sygnity S. A.


Sygnity offers full range of IT services for medium and large companies and public institutions. It provides their own modern IT solutions as well as some of the most recognized international IT brands. At the moment company employs around 1100 people.


The implementation process consisted of two stages (Ax2009 and Ax2012) and was conducted in 3 companies belonging to Signity Group.


Delivered functionalities:

  • general HR functionalities,
  • specialized module for servicing contract work (Sygnity services around 300 such contracts per month),
  • AxPeople integrations with previously existing services (such as for example holiday database),
  • mechanism to feed external services with data from Ax,
  • social fund and employee loans.




An european discount chain offering clothing and home accessories. Dynamically evolving in Poland, currently operating over 400 stores all over Poland.




The implemented system was AxPeople 2009.


Delivered functionalities:

  • custom work time sheet solution integrated with the legacy time registering system (the solution allowed easy aggregation of all the data in one place, which was impossible with the legacy method),
  • full AxPeople integration with planning, sales and bookkeeping modules
  • Employee Portal (POP) which allows the employees to easily access their personal data and file motions,
  • mechanism to automatically assign employees to their workplace trainings.

PIT Radwar S.A.



One of the biggest companies working in the defense industry and the main supplier of professional electronics for the Polish Army. At the moment employs around 2000 people.



Delivered functionalities:

  • Work time sheet (integrated with project management module),
  • 9 level overtime acceptance mechanism (integrated with project management module),
  • integration of all the contracts and receipts with project management module,
  • yearly bonus module (integrated with project management module),
  • integration of project cost with the main ledger and project transactions in the project management module.


The system is currently working to support process of securing financing from EU projects.