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LN HR System

LN HR is elastic, open and multimedia based system which allows running HR business in both medium and large companies. It is a tool which supports decision making process in virtually every aspect of HR management, guarantees the highest quality of service and also supports the soft HR  area.

LN HR is 100% Polish IT solution designed and developed by DST. Our system has been designed specifically to be able to adapt to needs of virtually any client (both small and large). No matter how complicated the salary algorithms or how many employees.One of the most important features of the system is its full scalability which should be understood as possibility to adapt the system to any requirements during the implementation process. The system is highly configurable and gives the customer possibility to perform major modifications in systems behavior without requiring assistance of DST. The solution is constantly improved upon and fully compliant with Polish law.

The best qualities of the system are:

  • multilayer design,
  • abundance of functionality,
  • scalability,
  • intuitiveness,
  • performance and security,
  • it is highly configurable and customizable (makes all the most important functionalities lay but one click away from the user)

The newest version of our solution is LN HR 10.5. It is a very complex and functional system able of filling needs of bookkeeping department in many companies. Systems construction and design allows for its usage in company of any size (even very large). The system has intuitive interface and excellent performance. Besides the obvious capability of being adapted to any clients needs it also provides possibility of being used through a WWW browser (and can be utilized as a node in calculation cloud).

Our AxPeople application is a cutting-edge Microsoft licensed system allowing to run all the HR affairs within company.

After internal transformations the owner of BaaN trademark decided to rebrand the solution and name if LN ERP. On the Polish market LN ERP 10 has been released which in turned caused DST to prepare LN HR 10. It is a continuation and evolution of the base BaaN HR but developed using different tooling and technologies. The system itself has become much more functional and specialized.

The first BaaN HR has been developed as an effect of agreement with Dutch company BaaN which was the key player on ERP system market during the 90s. When BaaN entered Polish market we have signed an agreement which required us to design and implement an HR subsystem to use with Polish distribution of the system. After only a year of development the first version of the system was ready and has been implemented in the group of BaaN Polish clients (ABB, Rettig — Heating, AdTrans, itd.). The system design and implementation has proved to withstand the trial of time (after all the years it is still used by few clients). The system itself has utilized a simple, DOS-like user interface, was able to work on multiple platforms (AIX, Unix, Windows, etc.). It also was able to utilize multiple data sources (both BaaN and the most popular solutions available on the market like DB2, MS SQL, Oracle).