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Our services


We provide our clients with individual, complex service from the initial analysis up to implementation.

No matter what the task each and every one of our customers is approached individually and our solutions are tailored to customers needs. Our knowledge comes from 25 years of experience thanks to which we are able to satisfy needs of even the most demanding clients.


We perform professional implementations of HR systems in both government and private companies

Working with us you can be sure that we will help you to find the exact solutions your business needs. We will describe the needs and metrics in which they can be measured and we will prepare a detailed plan of implementation. Systems implementations are complex and multi-level endeavors and we know how to make them work for our customers.


We provide our customers with expert consultancy

We possess the tools and resources needed to analyzing and designing IT solutions tailored to our clients needs. Our knowledge backed by years of experience allows us to constantly improve in fields of organization of work, cost optimization and effectiveness maximization.


Service Our customers are always provided with professional software service

It boils down to constantly caring about the highest possible quality of our software which in our case means keeping it up-to-date with ever changing Polish (and not only) laws, providing technical support and helping in solving customers problems. We offer our customers with service contracts adapted to their needs in terms of work hours, means of payment etc.


System AxPeople

AxPeople 365

Currently the most cutting-edge HR solution offered by DST is AxPeople 365. It was designed and implemented to be 100% compatible with Microsoft Dynamic 365. The system gives its users freedom to work both as an installation and in the cloud.



Elastic, open and multimedia based system which allows running HR business in both medium and large companies.

HR LN is 100% Polish IT solution designed and developed by DST. Our system has been designed specifically to be able to adapt to needs of virtually any client (both small and large). No matter how complicated the salary algorithms or how many employees. This is the tool for the job.


Employee portal

This is the tool for all the employees self-service needs.

Our solution allows to drastically reduce workload of HR department. Majority of minor actions like sending documents, checking current holiday quota can be now done remotely and instantly. At any moment and from anywhere in the world.


Dedicated solutions


One of customizable solutions which allows numerous integrations with LN family systems. This tool allows our customers to run WWW applications while using LN system as a data source.

Trust our experience

DST is an experienced IT solutions provider made up of passionate professionals






Processed employees

 Some of our clients

Do you need our help? Just call us.

From the very beginning we provide our customers with complex and dedicated software solutions which help running HR processes in their companies. Every task we perform is approached in an individual way suited to our clients needs. We care about adapting our way of work to suit clients needs thanks to which we are trusted by the most demanding of customers. Please do not hesitate and contact us either using our contact form or our phone number. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.