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Dedicated Systems

Integrated WTR (Work Time Registry)


WTR modules are specialized pieces of software designed and implemented to improve process of supervision of employees work time. They allow for a variety of integrations to register events like arriving at the offices, departing from the offices, taking a break, manning the work station, leaving the work station etc. Given an adequate setup and equipment they also allow monitoring the way single task is being handled including starting, taking a break and finishing task.


Data collected and processed by the WTR module are forwarded to the ERP HR module and can be used to both control the employees and calculate their actual work time.


WTR module in both AxPeople and LN HR is independent from hardware WTR solution implemented at the clients facilities. This translates directly to possibility of adapting virtually any hardware WTR installation to work with our solution.



  • automatic calculation of work time corresponding with work regulations (from – to),
  • differentiating between private and business leaves/entries,
  • automatic calculation of overtime hours,
  • automatic calculation of work time during night hours,
  • automatic calculation of work time during weekends and holidays,
  • automatic recognition of mistakenly switched arrivals and departures,
  • removal of duplicated entries within defined timespan,
  • work cards populated with WTR data and automatically calculated fees for those hours



dot4LN (former dot4BaaN) is a custom created at DST solution which allows connecting LN ERP with online applications. The solution consists of ERP daemon software (written in proprietary BaaN/LN tools script language) and www server module which allows processing of data generated by the daemon. Daemon’s role is to process requests coming from the application server and serve it with data from LN ERP database.


Our WWW applications allow clients to utilize clear and readable interfaces to access data required at a particular time. It give the users access to (among others) making orders, moving items between warehouses, WTR and others. These solutions are fully customizable and can be tailored to clients needs.




Employee self-service module

The idea behind the self-service modules is to allow employees access to their data from ERP database through a web browser. The basic solution allows access to following data:

  • absences registry,
  • holidays registry,
  • WTR registry with full information about work time, leaves, etc.


Employee self-service module has its own independent authorization with implemented access control lists which allow multiple access levels for employees in different positions (for example a manager can access data of all his subordinates). The module can be implemented to show virtually any data from the ERP system database.


Online work card

Online work card is an extension to self-service module which allows employees to input particular data into the ERP system through the web browser.



  • input of work time data (also by category, productive hours, nonproductive hours, service time, etc),
  • input of absences,
  • generating work time reports (to verify correctness of provided data)



Our e-commerce solution allows for a full integration with the ERP system.



  • product presentation (both from ERP and own database),
  • quick and effective search,
  • pricing imported from ERP system,
  • control of debts and blockades,
  • generation of sales requests,


We also provide our customers with a dedicated wholesale e-commerce which can serve both wholesale points, sales representatives, brand shops and others. This version provides more detailed settlements information, warehouse state and planned orders based on warehouse supplies which are not available in the regular solution.


  • allows to access full ERP functionality through a web application,
  • the transaction mechanism is designed to optimize the SQL request queue to minify server workload,
  • enhanced security, implementation of SSL protocol (HTTPS),
  • separate authorization system,
  • highly customizable Access Control Lists,
  • multiple WWW servers



Dedicated special solutions




Automatized process of packing books for delivery. The system controls the whole process starting with choosing appropriate box size, checking the package contents (using barcodes and saved data regarding particular books weight combined with scales placed on the checkpoints on the assembly line) and forwarding incorrectly assembled packages into the QA station using a trap mechanism or generating sale documents. This system has been working in Polish WSiP S.A since 2007









Systems role is gathering work time data and oversight of production process.

Operating in APATOR S.A. in Toruń and in cooperating companies since 2004.








Complete oversight and control of process of manufacturing electricity counters. The process is controlled from the moment of PCB element entering the assembly line, registration of every subcomponent attached to the PCB during on the particular workstations up until assembly is completed and counter is installed in a case. The system also takes care of testing the counters (unit, acceptance), their packaging and storing wishing warehouses. Operating in APATOR S.A. in Toruń since 2009.








Complete oversight and control of process of manufacturing automatics for railroad industry. The system also aides the service department with support for mobile terminals with barcode scanners sending and receiving data from the system server through mobile network.  Operating in BOMBARDIER Katowice since 2005








Warehousing solution based on mobile barcode scanners.

Operating in INDYKPOL Olsztyn since 2005.