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AxPeople System


Our AxPeople application is a cutting-edge Microsoft licensed system allowing to run all the HR affairs within company. AxPeople is fully integrated with Microsofts flag ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP Axapta) but can also be run separately while utilizing only core functionalities of its parent.


System was designed so it could be adapted to requirements of virtually any company not matter how complicated the salary algorithms or how many employees there are.

The fundamental characteristic of our application is its absolute scalability which means among other things, that our system can be adapted to requirements of its varying users without modifying the system itself. This also gives our customers possibility to adapt the system to their constantly changing needs. The system is highly configurable and gives the customer possibility to perform major modifications in systems behavior without requiring assistance of DST.


Among others our systems excels at being:

  • highly functional and automated,
  • fully scalable (adapts to any needs),
  • constantly improved and always on the cutting-edge of technology,
  • ergonomical, sleek and highly usable,
  • intuitive User Experience

AxPeople 365

Currently the most cutting-edge HR solution offered by DST is AxPeople 365. It was designed and implemented to be 100% compatible with Microsoft Dynamic 365. The system gives its users freedom to work both as an installation and in the cloud.


P.S. (just to make things clear)

Ax 365 is a short for well known Microsoft Dynamics CRM, when talking about Microsoft Dynamics Ax we name it Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (coming from the newest Ax365 for Finance and Operations).


HR LN is elastic, open and multimedia based system which allows running HR business in both medium and large companies.

AxPeople 2012

In 2008 after complete rebuild, expansion and UX redesign Microsoft release a successor to Axapta system – Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution was followed shortly after by 2 new versions: 2009 and 2012. The systems where richer in subsystems and allowed for easier creation of client specific mechanism to fulfill overgrowing requirements of customers.

AxPeople 2009
AxPeople 2009
AxPeople 2012
AxPeople 2012

Axapta 3

The cooperation with MS started in 2004 when they introduced Axapta 3 ERP to the world.


Axapta 3 was a system targeted at medium companies and allowed optimization of production and sales processes (also utilizing the internet). Because of highly complicated nature of Polish fiscal law the HR part of Axapta 3 has not managed to satisfy all the needs of Polish market. This was the primary impulse which led us to develop AxPeople as a system supplementary to Axapta.

Our solution was developed in the same tools and technologies as Axapta 3 and was also fully compliant with its design requirements. Thanks to that, among other things, AxPeople has become an integral part of Polish distribution of Axapta 3 system and has been implemented in companies which required HR functionalities from their ERP solution.

Following the market MS release Axapta 4 and we had the pleasure of preparing the new version of AxPeople which has not stopped evolving ever since.

AxPeople 3
AxPeople 4