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Employee Portal

Employee Portal is one of our products which allows all of the company employees to perform many of the self-service actions without engaging the HR department. The system can be operated using any of the internet enabled devices such as personal computer, tablet or even smartphone. One of the major pros of the system is its ability to drastically reduce HR department workload caused by the minor, everyday activities. Using our system the employees are always one click away from all the information they need (be it phone numbers, holiday quota, etc).


By utilizing the Employee Portal your company will be able to reduce the quota of generated paper documents to the absolute minimum. The system allows sending of PIT, RMUA, salary stripes all through the browser. Should the employee need its paper version he will be able to print it himself. Quickly and easily.


Aside from that our system allows for an array of additional functions like (for example) employee notifications. You employees will never again forget the date of the course or that their medical examination is due.


What more, the system is built using layers and different access levels. The functionality available for management differs from the one available to regular employees. The manager has access to all of its subordinates data, their agreements, examinations, certificates, courses, workplan, etc (possibilities are nearly endless).


Built-in into the Portal is also functionality of the blog. The perfect tool to keep your employees up to date with all the things happening within your company without having to print and give out fliers or send numerous e-mails.


The portal is developed using Open Source technologies not relying on the environment in which they are run (all you need is a WWW browser). It can also be hosted both on Windows and Linux environments. The application has been developed using JavaScript language (utilizing jQuery, Angular and Bootstrap). On the server side it is powered by ASP.NET Core and utilized MySQL database.

Examples of employee portal screens:
employment history (both historic and current employment) with detailed information
detailed personal data including multimedia (photos) – can be used to generate IDs
courses, examinations, certifications history, etc.
insight into workplan (absences, holidays, etc)
work calendar
holiday planning (together with acceptation process)
custom motions
View to training history, periodical tests with documents (eg. PDF form)
organizational structure