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About DST

DST has been founded in august of 1990 and from its very beginning it has specialized in developing HR supporting software as well as custom IT solutions. 1990s in Poland has been a transformational period for Polish economy. This was the time when Polish entrepreneurship started to flourish and because of this more and more companies required supporting IT solutions in its day to day work (mainly wholesalers and shops).


We considered this to be the perfect opportunity to grow our company and thanks to keeping up with the market and realising its needs we have developed two solutions to support sales processes. SAHiP and SAHiP mini (where SAHiP roughly translates to sales and production administration system) were systems suitable for both small and big sales companies. The system composed itself of specialised modules each responsible for different processes like managing warehouses, invoicing clients, bookkeeping, human resources and payrolls etc. The system has been implemented in over 300 companies throughout Poland and in some of them some of the system modules has been used as long as until the end of 2010.


As a consequence of rapid growth in January of 1996 we have decided to transform our company into DST sp. z o. o. (Ltd.).


The rapid growth of the whole industry has brought national domination of the IT industry ERP branch in Poland by such companies as Comarch, SAP, BaaN, Oracle, etc. We have decided to specialize in developing HR sub-systems, back then called HR modules.


In January of 1997 we have signed a partnership agreement with Dutch company BaaN. This agreement has allowed us to develop HR module for the BaaN IV ERP system which at that time was being implemented in numerous companies across Poland. The first company in which our solution was implemented was Retting Heating which was since then followed by such companies as ABB, AdTranz, Apator. Our development team has been responsible for designing the solution, delivering new features and supporting the system; besides that we also worked on adapting our software to needs of markets in Europe (such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We were associate with BaaN department of known consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers  from Switzerland.

In July of 2002 we presented ourselves and our solutions during Inforum Conference in Rome which was an international meeting of partners and customers of BaaN. As an effect of our presence there we managed to secure a deal with BaaN for developing an HR system for new ERP system – BaaN V. The deal has been signed in February of 2003 which allowed us to introduce our solutions to wider audience on the international market.


In October of 2002 on behalf of PwC Switzerland and together with Flextronics we have started working for Kenyan BIDCO. After adapting our software to Kenyan work law and regulations (which are much simpler than European ones) we have implemented the only Polish HR system in Africa.

In March 2003 we were invited by BaaN to take part in CEBIT in Hannover. During the event we presented our HR solutions as well as custom solutions created for our clients as sub-systems of our HR module (solutions such as barcode scanner driven work time register or high bay warehouse support).


In November of 2003 our HR solution has interested our current partner, Microsoft Business Solutions which was at the beginning of distribution of their new ERP system Microsoft AX. In the following year we have signed a cooperation agreement and developed a sub-system called AXPeople which was an integral part of Polish distribution of Axapta3 and served as its HR module. The first client to run our AxPeople was SPINKO.


The following years has been marked by rapid expansion of AX market which by now is one of the most popular ERP systems on the Polish market. Together with Microsoft developing new versions of Axapta (which changed its name to Dynamics AX) we have developed new versions of our AxPeople sub-system. At the moment our software (in different versions) is being used throughout 400 Polish businesses. Following ever growing IT market our latest AxPeople sub-system has been prepared to work in the cloud and has been named AxPeople 365.


 Besides cooperation with Microsoft we are currently in cooperation with American Infor which bought rights to BaaN trademark and software. Infor is continuing the ERP system under a new name – LN. Similarly to our cooperation with Microsoft, each new LN system gets a new generation of HR module – LN HR. What is worth noting, despite passing time, there are quite a few operating implementations of our initial BaaN HR software.

Our clients represent a wide array of Polish markets as well as public institutions. Thanks to this our software is very versatile and has many functions which not only cover functionalities required by Polish law but also lots of custom, market specific issues. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and openness to clients needs and during many implementations we have prepared customizations tailored to our clients specific needs.


Based on our experience we have prepared a new product – Employees Portal. The product is a strict fit to needs of HR departments but is also highly customizable.


Our contacts with numerous clients are often a basis of long term cooperations and relationships. Based on this we prepare variety of unique IT solutions not only applicable to HR. Our experience in working with big, multi-departamental, geographically distributed companies is a big plus in this regard.